Spreading Smile Like a Magic

Along with state of the art technology, we have a staff of more than 60 hardworking and passionate people who tends to spread happiness to around 100 patients every day. On a daily basis, we see almost 20 success stories. Creation IVF has brought happiness in people’s lives across 2 states, with the number growing with its presence in West Bengal & Bihar.


Creation IVF has state-of-the-art hi-tech Embryology lab, it has been designed as per international standards. The Creation IVF lab allows patients to receive the highest level of fertility care together with reproductive technology (ART). All of our ART treatments and testing are performed in-house ensuring tighter control and top notch security for the best chance at successful treatment.

Creation IVF uses the most advanced incubators available in the market which are used to store embryos as they are developed in the laboratory. Our incubators are smaller in size than traditional models which allow for a rapid restoration of ‘womb-like’ temperatures and humidity. This helps maintain the most optimal condition for embryo development and leads to significantly higher IVF success rates.


We help to our parents feel valued and important in the time of crisis.

Creation IVF is India’s top and most positive result oriented IVF fertility center based in Siliguri, West Bengal. We provide the surgical facility with specialized advanced technology. We have produced successful results in many couples with a variety of infertility issues through our modern advanced techniques and dedicated services with our highly trained and certified professionals. We dedicate our sincerity and hard work aiming to bring a miracle in our patients’ lives.


Our patients trust us with their family and their future, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Throughout the laboratory, you will find the latest monitoring equipment to measure and report on critical systems. Access, power, temperature and humidity levels in the laboratory are electronically monitored at all times. This is critical for the success of your ART treatment. Any deviations from acceptable levels will result in immediate notification to our staff via mobile and web transmission. We’ve gone the extra-mile so you can have peace of mind throughout this exciting process.