Why Choose Us

We are a leading-edge network of infertility centre, one of the most respected in the North Bengal and the adjoining states.

Creation Speciality

Our Values

1. Ethics and excellence
2. Personalized care
3. Humane approach
4. Transparency
5. Best effort
6. Maintain dignity, privacy and respect for patients
7. Highest clinical standards
8. Team work
9. Quality management

Our Standards

We serve a high success rate of IVF treatment with the latest technology and advanced methods. We also organize extra care activities for the patients like counseling, wellness coaching health holistically, Stress reduction, weight management which helps prepare the patient’s body and set their mind for a healthy pregnancy. We actively engage in social initiatives at our IVF center to remain physically active and stress-free. Our experienced and skilled nursing staff shares a passion for their profession and always committed to the care of our patients. Our quality and high standards of treatment process make us one of the Best IVF Centres in North Bengal.

You Deserve to Feel Great. We Are Here to Help.

“Infertility is not an inconvenience; it is a disease of the reproductive system that impairs the body’s ability to perform the basic functions of reproduction.”

Our Background

We specialize in treating very difficult cases of infertility as well as simpler infertility cases, and at the patient’s affordable cost as our approach is to avoid needless and often expensive conventional testing, in any event, are relatively low compared to most other IVF programs. Patients come to our center in Siliguri daily from all over North Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Sikkim and we are quite accustomed to making them feel comfortable here. We are a full-service high-quality fertility clinic located in what has consistently been rated as one of the very best IVF clinics in Siliguri. Our facilities are beautiful and very modern and located in a spectacularly elegant, all-green, urban location with rolling hills and clean fresh air. We are a serious long-standing well-established fertility center with our network extension in cities – Siliguri, Purnia and Nodal Centres at Gangtok, Kishanganj, and Katihar and with further extension plans in the neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Our Vision

To create an Institute of excellence in the field of infertility treatment management and human reproduction providing services to infertile couples with the state of the art technology and the highest standards of ethics and personalized care along with research and teaching in the discipline.

Our Mission

The mission of Creation: The Fertility Centre is to continue our leadership and pioneering work in introducing the latest techniques in the field. We are a team of dedicated experienced professionals who believe in ourselves in achieving excellence, ethics, personalized and humane approach to patient care and satisfaction. Along with patient services our pursuit for excellence includes teaching and research in the discipline. We stand strongly against any type of sex selection before or during pregnancy. We are committed to provide quality services to our patients and also care, compassion and empowerment for our employees and shared success with business partners.


We treat all types of infertility, in both males and females, simple cases, and also the most complex cases.


 There are hardly any successful infertility treatments used anywhere in the world that are not with us.

This includes microsurgical vasectomy reversal, tubal ligation reversal, ICSI-IVF (sperm injection) for even the severest male infertility, egg and embryo freezing with vitrification, preservation of fertility in cancer patients, ovary and testis transplantation, and Mini-IVF (a new technology that dramatically reduces the cost of more conventional IVF), and IVF for older women.


We do not view medical care like a factory or a business. Infertility treatment can be expensive and emotionally trying. Therefore we have developed remarkable technical innovations that dramatically reduce cost while maintaining high pregnancy rates, so that couples will be able to afford the highest quality and the most technically demanding treatment. Our extensive research and development allows us to always be on the leading edge of every new advance in infertility treatment.

Creation Speciality


We give the highest quality personalized attention, and we employ a very friendly staff. We avoid expensive and unnecessary testing, which just maximizes cost without any benefit for the patient. We proceed promptly with the most cost-effective treatment.
Parenting plays a vital and pivotal role in the life of every parent, Creation: The Fertility Center is committed to ameliorating the pain and mental strain of the parents in the entity of making them have a child in their family to beget happiness. The first and foremost vision of Creation: The Fertility Center is to chide away the worries of the parents relating to the childless condition that makes their life deplorable. It is not the medical treatment alone that gives them the solace, but the counseling and the confidence that is being given to the parents by Creation: The Fertility Center go a long way in getting them relieved of the long prevailed and disgusting way of life. Collaborative care, this means the patient just doesn’t receive one doctor’s opinion but gets the whole team.