Spreading Smile Like a Magic

Along with state of the art technology, we have a staff of more than 60 hardworking and passionate people who tends to spread happiness to around 100 patients every day. On a daily basis, we see almost 20 success stories. Creation IVF has brought happiness in people’s lives across 2 states, with the number growing with its presence in West Bengal & Bihar.

Mr Ramkrishna Chatterjee

From the desk of Director

In our everyday world a lot of couples face infertility issues. Having a child is the innermost feeling that they can desire. We, The Creation Fertility Centre, are providing surgical facility in fertilization and reproduction. With our skilled professionals, advanced technology and dedicated service, we are able to bring the unfortunate parents to a new field of fortune.
Our aim is to help the infertile couples to feel a baby’s warmth and fulfill their dream of parenthood. In this regard I would like to thank Dr. Jayshree Bhattacharya and Dr. Rohit Gutgutia for being an inspiration in the journey we have started. Their enormous support is like blessing to us. We are honored to have a team which is sincerely working hard all the time for your wellness. Our continuous attempt for you to hold on to your hope will go on as we say, “Never give up hope, because miracles do happen”.
We provide services like IUI, IVF, ICSI, TESA, TESE, PGS, PGD, Sperm and Ovum Donation, Frozen Embryo Transfer, Embryo Preservation Support System and Donor & Surrogacy Programmes. In addition to this we also provide diagnostic services, semen bank support system, ultrasound scan for IVF and IUI, and in house retail pharmacy services (Creation Pharmacy). At Creation IVF our highly accomplished Doctors, experienced Embryologist and trained nurses backed by the world class techniques is always working for a ‘Revolution through Ovulation’ in the field of reproduction.


We help to our parents feel valued and important in the time of crisis.

Creation IVF is India’s top and most positive result oriented IVF fertility center based in Siliguri, West Bengal. We provide the surgical facility with specialized advanced technology. We have produced successful results in many couples with a variety of infertility issues through our modern advanced techniques and dedicated services with our highly trained and certified professionals. We dedicate our sincerity and hard work aiming to bring a miracle in our patients’ lives.